The Farm

I live with my family in Toronto’s High Park neighbourhood; my farm is in Brampton. Though now surrounded by townhouses, it was once one of many farms situated on some of the best agricultural land in Southern Ontario.

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My farm is leased from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and certified organic by Ecocert Canada.  I am currently renting a half-acre plot of Certified Organic land, which is more than enough to grow vegetables for 70 households!

I grow over 30 different certified organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs, including tomatoes and basil, peas and peppers, carrots and cucumbers, lettuce and leeks, watermelon and winter squash, beans and beets, cauliflower and cabbage, arugula and eggplant, broccoli and brussels sprouts, fennel and onions, spinach and swiss chard, celery and celeriac, garlic and green onions, radish and zucchini, ground cherries and potatoes, as well as kale and kohlrabi…

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